With a virtual office, employees can work from anywhere but still utilize a mailing address, phone answering and messaging services, meeting rooms, video confrencing and more at a lower cost and with greater flexibility.

Virtual office are ideal for consultants, freelancers, and sole proprietors who need the benefits of physical address without actually needing dedicated office space. A physical address affords mail handling, parcel delivery, the place to meet clients when communicating electron is not optional. Virtual office arrangements offer additional benefits unavailable in a home office.


A virtual office includes a physical mailing address, that you can rent to help make your startup or small business appear larger and more established.

At OfficeExec we can provide you with up to 3 different mailing address all in prestigious locations in Toronto


Virtual Offices allow you to have your own business phone number and having a live receptionist forward your business calls to your personal phone. This allows you to still keep your business and personal life separate.

At OfficeExec we offer 416 Business Numbers


Having a virtual office you can rent out physical office space and/or meeting and conference rooms that you can rent by the hour and use to create a positive impression on your clients.

At OfficeExec we offer our 3 location- North York, Yorkville and Finincial District. You can choose whichever one is more convenient for you at anytime and have access 24/7. **Contact Us for more details about this**


We also take packages which you can pick-up or have sent to your person homes by us.

At OfficeExec we can provide you with up to 3 different mailing address and get notifications when mail arrive and can choose to have your mail forwarded daily, weekly


Essential business services at the physical office space, including:
o High-speed WiFi, Printing, Fax
o Audio/visual presentation hardware
o Basic catering, such as coffee, tea, and light snacks

At OfficeExec we can accommodate to what you need!

How a Virtual Office Can Help Your Business

The primary benefit of a virtual office space is that it helps your business to appear larger and more established, as well as give you access to the amenities of a dedicated office space. This makes it easier for you to create a favorable impression on your clients, both current and prospective, while you and your team can work from home or another office space that’s more convenient.

A virtual office can also help your business to minimize the costs that are associated with a traditional and permanent office space. Administrative, infrastructure, and technical costs are shared between the other clients of the space, which eases the burden of upfront capital and ongoing maintenance.

Many entrepreneurs and small business owners use their personal mobile phones as the primary point of contact for their business. A virtual office often includes a local landline number, which is answered by a professional receptionist during business hours who can take a message or forward the call. This gives your business a more professional face as well as decreases the chances of missed calls or opportunities.

Who Can Benefit from a Virtual Office

Any startup, small business, or solo entrepreneur can benefit from the features and flexibility of a virtual office, but here are some specific use cases:

• Professionals who don’t want to disclose their personal address or mobile phone number on their business documents or marketing materials
• Freelancers who work out of their clients’ offices but still want to maintain an independent marketing identity and presence
• Businesses expanding into new territories, but that haven’t established a permanent presence yet
• Businesses pitching new clients that want to work with a local presence
• Small businesses that want the professionalism of a receptionist and support staff, but without the cost and time of recruiting their own
• Sales teams that travel between prospective clients, but that want office space to use between meetings
• Digital nomads who need physical space to conduct meetings, even remotely
• Small businesses in image-driven industries that would benefit from a more prestigious address than they can otherwise afford


Virtual office spaces help your business to appear larger or more prestigious than it may yet be as well as the flexibility to base it elsewhere while you work in a more convenient location. OFFICEEXEC, offers a range of services from receiving and forwarding your mail to professional receptionists, physical office or many different kids and locations space you can use as needed.

There are so many combinations that might work for you, and each business is unique. Let us help you decide what suits your business best