What are Office Clouds?

Combining on demand office space with technology results in Office Clouds.

A Cloud, not a dot.

When you sign up for Office Clouds, you get more than just an office. Whether you rent permanent office space at any of our locations, or not – you will have multiple locations at your disposal. You will not be a dot on the map, but a cloud of possible locations where you can conduct your meetings.

The Cloud Grows.

We are growing. We have obtained 4 locations in 16 months. We are hoping to open 3 more over the next 12. What does that mean for you? All those locations will be available for you as well. As we grow, you grow; your reach grows and so does your business.

And Technology, too?

We do active research in communications technology and invest heavily in office productivity tools. Our latest investment is an investment into a professional Sharp Printer/Copier unit, usually only found at print shops. This means you can print for less, and achieve more (read more about our print services here). We have our own research team constantly developing new features for your phone system. And when these features become available, they will be available for you – usually at no additional cost.

The Cloud is a Network of Possibilites

When you sign up with Officeexec for Office Clouds – for as low as $149/month – it’s not just an office, it’s new possibilities. Our locations are prime, our technology is the most up-to-date – which means your business will be in prime locations equipped with the latest technology.

What’s on the horizon?

Networking events for small businesses with Officeexec. A CRM for our clients that automatically ties into our phone system – so you can have live client data for all your incoming calls, save calls as mp3 to listen to and review, and other features you can only get with expensive enterprise level CRMs.

The ultimate goal of Officeexec is to equal the playing field between small businesses and corporate giants. Money should no longer be the differentiation. Instead, businesses should succeed entirely based on talent and expertise.

We hope you can join us on that journey.