Get a bundle of hours of office space you can use anytime you need with our Virtual Office package!

Why not try Office Clouds?

If you are looking for office space in Toronto there might be a cheaper way to get what you need.

Introducing Office Clouds

The offer is simple. Get everything that you would get with an office, except the actual office. Instead, gain access to a host of shared offices that you can use as required.

This flexible, cost-effective new way is allowing businesses to succeed with thin margins.

Isn’t it just a Virtual Office?

We offer Virtual Offices, too – but this is more. Who else will give you 12 hour free access to boardrooms each month? Your calls get answered by dedicated front-end reception staff that will also greet your clients in person, receive the mail for you, and that will develop a relationship with you and your clients over time to ensure they can serve you better.

This ensures that you have a solid office experience, without the high price of an office.

Our centers are completely unbranded allowing you to present the space as your own, if you choose. We have a dedicated IT team that can help you get up and running and we have an online booking system that allows you to check what’s available and make bookings.