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Rent a Virtual Office Space in Toronto to See Your Business Grow Quickly

virtual office space torontoIn order to become the manager of a successful business in Ontario, you need to rent some office space but, due to the high rent prices here, a virtual office space in Toronto is probably a much better idea.

Several companies offer virtual office spaces in Toronto, providing you with global presence and business support. Toronto is the perfect location to conduct a business from. It offers a prestigious address for any business, credibility and professionalism.


Why Renting a Virtual Office Space Is a Good Solution?

By renting a virtual office space in Toronto, you avoid paying exaggeratedly for your business location. You can also avoid the hassle of settling in one place for a long time, while you, in fact, work or travel in a totally different area. A virtual setup allows you to work remotely while still benefiting from the Toronto business address at an affordable price.

A great advantage of renting a virtual office is that you can have all your office needs managed while you dedicate more time to your business and less to administrative duties. You can also take advantage of cutting-edge amenities and services associated with the rental of a virtual office space. Company formation Services like mail forwarding or lobby directory listing ensure more credibility for the business you manage. Other services refer to:

  • Renting day offices;
  • Booking conference rooms;
  • Booking board rooms that you can use temporarily.

All these rooms are equipped with presentation tools and even benefit from catering services, so you do not have to worry about anything.

When you rent a virtual office space in Toronto, several employees are assigned to your office in order to provide your potential clients with a professional first impression about your business:

  • Receptionists;
  • Virtual assistants;
  • Lobby greeters;
  • Web chat representatives.

All these individuals are trained to offer various services, including appointment scheduling, call screening, outbound calling or order processing in certain cases.

What Are the Costs for a Virtual Office Space in Toronto?

Pricing is variable, depending on the location in Toronto and the service portfolio that you opt for. A monthly fee can cover the standard package for corporate identity, which includes a business address, as well as professional setting, including conference room, day office rentals, IT help, support staff at additional hourly rates. You can choose to pay an increased monthly fee to include further amenities, such as live receptionists, lobby signage, and local numbers.

Live Receptionists and Virtual Assistant Solutions for Your Business in Toronto

Live receptionists come as an add-on to the basic package. They greet your callers with personalized messages, then screen calls and transfer them, depending on your individual schedule.

Virtual assistants perform administrative and secretarial duties for your business. Managing projects, planning travel arrangements, scheduling meetings and offering meeting support are a few of the tasks that a skilled virtual assistant can perform.

As a conclusion, renting a virtual office space in Toronto is worth the money you pay because you get many services that would cost you much more with a traditional setup.