Rent Shared Office Space in Toronto When You Do Not Need Office Space Full Time

A well organized, impressive office space downtown is, probably, the dream of every Canadian entrepreneur and not only, but, when you do not need to use that office every day, renting a shared office space in Toronto sounds like a much better idea. Shared office space, often called “touchdown office”, represents an innovative solution for small and large businesses alike. This new concept is for people who do not need full time space for their office, but just need a place where they can work every now and then, meet new clients and place phone calls.

Who Needs to Rent Shared Office Space in Toronto?

Shared offices are extremely popular with frequent travelers and outside sales people. There are companies that use such shared spaces as bases for their branch offices. Telecommuters are also among the most popular beneficiaries of shared offices. When they come to the office, they can use the desk, phone, and any other equipment agreed upon. The same equipment can be used by other people at other times.

Usually, the agreements for shared offices are made for either a small number of hours every day or certain days of the week or month. For example, the same office could host a car dealer in the morning and a weddings planner in the afternoon, a psychiatrist on Mondays and Wednesdays, and mortgage broker on the rest of the days.

Shared offices are the turn-key solution for businesses with flexible space needs. The same office space is shared by several companies or professionals, and the good news is that they only have to pay a fraction of the total costs a standard office space would bring about. Besides the low rental costs, shared office spaces can support home-bound entrepreneurs to provide a better image of their companies.

If you choose a shared office space in Toronto, it comes fully furnished and equipped, and you have full access to shared common resources, like conference rooms and kitchen areas, as well as many other facilities. What is important is that you, as a client of the shared office space, have full access to modern phone network, photocopiers and faxes, color photocopiers and other state of the art equipment.

Standard Equipment of a Shared Office

As a shared office space beneficiary, you have full access to personalized telephone answering services. Your telephone will have options like:

  • Dedicated telephone number;
  • Off-premise call transferring;
  • Instant line set-up;
  • Voice mail.

You also have access to a high-speed Internet service, perhaps even a new email service and web hosting. Photocopiers and network printing are also available unlimitedly. Most offers for shared office space in Toronto also include color network printing and color copying services.

Word processing and support for the administration are offered, using the latest software products and equipment. Fax services are free of charge for incoming faxes. You also benefit from kitchen facilities and complimentary tea, coffee and filtered water.

Executive meeting and board rooms are usually included and benefit from the following services:

  • High speed Internet access;
  • Screen;
  • LCD projector;
  • TV set;
  • DVD/VCR device;
  • Conference speaker phones;
  • Whiteboard;
  • Flipcharts.

You can find shared office space in Toronto at reasonable prices, suitable for all types of budgets, business size or situation.