Officeexec and Enterprise Toronto team up. Again.

Enterprise Toronto is known as the number one place to get started with your business. Whether you need to register your new business, learn secrets on how to manage your new business better or just need to keep up to date on current business trends, Enterprise Toronto can always be counted on.

Over 10 years Enterprise Toronto has embraced changes, educated the small business world on innovation, new business tactics and has always looked out for you – the small business owner.

Officeexec has teamed up with Enterprise Toronto last year to offer new businesses the opportunity to get their business registration money back. Now we are planning a much bigger give away, that will start with Enterprise Toronto’s Small Business Forum held on October 19. Officeexec is happy to be one of the main sponsors for this event along with TD Canada Trust and Rogers. Supporting small business is not just branding, it’s our goal.

Some of Officeexec’s plans for the future:

Publications to be made available through Enterprise Toronto:

  • How to build your own dynamic website for under $100. No need to know how to program.
  • How not to waste time on Facebook. Low budget marketing and networking through social media.
  • How to make the most out of your office. A review of office and co-working options.

Seminars at Enterprise Toronto

  • How to win your first big client.
  • SEO – 10 years after Google started, do you still need it?

More importantly we are planning a monthly give away, in partnership with Enterprise Toronto. We are not sharing what the giveaway is or what the conditions are. You have to come to the forum to find out.

We hope to see you all at the forum on Oct 19, 2010.

You can read more here: Enterprise Toronto Small Business Forum