Office Exec Practical and Pragmatic Applications

When you think about all you do as a small business owner or consultant, working for yourself and setting the pace with your company and personal growth – when you take into account the level of energy and motivation that your work requires – it just makes sense to adapt every available service toward your ultimate goals.

Office Exec provides services which optimize your work-life and let you focus your efforts where they ought to be focused most – your clients and your products. When you act in multiple roles throughout your day it gets difficult to distinguish yourself from those working for others. You’re the boss applesauce, so why not act like it?

You don’t have to be the mail-room for your own shop, recieve mail at our locations. This is like a mailbox with the added benefit of accepting courier deliveries, any size packages, and other sensitive items not suitable for a mailbox or postal address. We do mail forwarding, mail forwarding to multiple addresses, mail scanning, receiving mail under multiple company names and so much more.

Keep your business address and personal address seperate to ensure safety and privacy. Printing your home address on marketing materials, like emails, business cards, and flyers exposes your home and undermines your business. Using our addresses, like Bay and Bloor, Nestle Tower, etc. gives your business an edge over the competition, while keeping your personal life safe.

Receive a business phone number and fax number equipped with direct line forwarding, fax to email, voice to email, long distance numbers, conference numbers and multiple voice mails.

Our front end administration staff will give the personal touch to all aspects of your business from receiving deliveries to giving your clients a professional experience and warm welcome. Our reception staff will learn your business and your clients to give the dedicated feel of a full-time staff. When off-site you can still count on our people to answer your most pressing calls, greet clients and send them to your direct line whenever you need. You can have multiple instructions for different clients and we will always see that the right calls get through and your time isn’t applied to less pressing matters.

Let Office Exec implement a multiple tier plan to take the grunt work out of your daily life and let you get back to creating opportunities and products to grow your business.

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