A New Concept: Co-Working Office Spaces

co-working-spaces-torontoThe co-working office spaces were created starting from a new concept meant to ensure innovative, accessible and collaborative workspaces which move beyond the traditional home-office or work-alone environments. According to this concept, working for yourself does not necessarily mean working by yourself. Freelancers and small businesses are now oriented to a transition out of the isolated work environments towards a creative workspace, supposed to raise their business to a higher level. What Are Co-Working Office Spaces? Co-working is already a movement which tends to redefine the way people work. It is based upon a very simple idea: independent professionals, as well as people who benefit from workplace flexibility work better together than they do it alone. Beyond this generous idea of creating better workplaces, the concept also evolves towards network-building and sustainability. According to the latest form of this concept, co-working office spaces have to serve as a hub of activity dedicated to independents. It looks like an office space community for contractors, self-employed developers, mobile professionals, small businesses, and freelancers. Businesses of all types gather in a single facility and share resources, creating a community and reducing operating costs. Spaces may be rented by the hour, month, or any interval in-between. Co-working becomes affordable and flexible, and is a real alternative to buying or renting office space on your own. There are benefits in terms of shared space, but also office furniture. You only pay a monthly fee, including mail service and access to the co-working office space. Afterwards, you pay for each visit you make or you purchase a monthly plan tailored according to your business needs. As a member of the co-working office space, you have access to amenities such as conference rooms, reception service, shared fax, kitchen and free tea or coffee. Sharing office space in a co-working facility will allow you to save money on utility bills and rent as well, so you will congratulate yourself for not renting office space that you do not really need. Co-working is very close to networking, as potential deals or partners could choose to share the same co-working space. Benefits Available to the Members of the Co-Working Spaces As a member of the co-working office spaces, you have unlimited access to a set of services and amenities, out of which the following are the most important:
  • Space fully furnished, including desks and chairs;
  • Staffed reception area and bookable meeting rooms;
  • Front desk or reception service;
  • High speed internet connection;
  • Courier and mail handling;
  • Shared fax line;
  • Kitchenette and washrooms;
  • Facility management.
When it comes to monthly plans for the members of the co-working space, they may look as the one below:
  • Basic plan, including 4 hours;
  • Starter plan, including 20 hours;
  • Part-timer plan, including 60 hours;
  • Full-timer plan, with unlimited access;
  • Entrepreneur plan, with unlimited hours and permanent desk, locking drawers included;
  • Professional plan, including unlimited hours and semi private office with telephone option.
Co-working office spaces, as a new concept, promises to revolutionize the way businesses work and interconnect with each other.
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