Fair Use

Phone Service
We do not support call centers, telemarketers, or any form of telecommunication involving automatic dialling. If there is evidence for such activities we will automatically bump you up to a higher level of service package.

Call Answering
While we do not put explicit restrictions on incoming call we do monitor the type of traffic our office administrators receive and from time to time may choose to make adjustments to ensure high quality of service for all our clients. This may involve charging you a higher rate for your package to accommodate for the volume, duration, or types of calls we receive from you. General usage is less than 8 incoming calls each day consistently week over week.

We reserve the right to charge a higher price package if we feel that your mail volume is too high, the package require additional care, or the package require storage.
Furniture, Equipment, and Supplies
All furniture and equipment is provided free for use. However, if we notice unusual wear due to your use, damage to software or hardware of products, we will charge the cost of repair or replacement. We may also elect to charge you and your member a kitchen access fee if we feel that there is unfair use, or abuse, of the kitchen.