Enter the ‘office cloud’ an article by the Globe and Mail

We’re excited!

A recent article from the Globe and Mail talks about the strong points of Virtual Offices and the added benefits of Officeexec’s Office Cloud.

For $149 a month, clients receive the roaming use of office space at any location, or permanent space where they need it. They also get full receptionist services – there’s always someone to answer the phone in your company name, forward messages and sign for deliveries. They get an address and portable phone and fax numbers they can take with them. Clients also get 10 hours of boardroom time each month

(we are actually offering 12 hours of boardrooms each month)

Read it and let us know what you think. Call us and talk to us about it. Recommend it to your friends and colleagues! It’s time that more people learn the benefits and practicality of Officeexec and our Office Clouds!