BLOG- Time to say Goodbye to Traditional Office Space

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How do you know it’s time to say goodbye to traditional office spaces? (why is shared office the right move)

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Spaces may be rented by the hour, month, or any interval in-between. Co-working becomes affordable and flexible and is a real alternative to buying or renting office space on your own.


There are benefits in terms of shared space and office furniture. You only pay a monthly fee, including mail service and access to the co-working office space. Afterwards, you pay for each visit you make, or you purchase a monthly plan tailored to your business needs. As a member of the co-working office space, you have access to amenities such as conference rooms, reception service, shared fax, kitchen and free tea or coffee. Sharing office space in a co-working facility will allow you to save money on utility bills and rent as well, so you will congratulate yourself for not renting office space that you do not really need. Co-working is very close to networking, as potential deals or partners could choose to share the same space.


As a business owner, being a member of a shared working space means you can provide your employees the freedom to be flexible, brainstorm new ideas and host meetings without feeling confined. This is all the more valuable for companies with a limited budget but want to have investors take a look at their growing brand.

The community aspect is an attractive feature of being part of a co-working space. Sharing your work space with other businesses provides you with the chance to do some networking and share resources that you would have had to commit to on your own. Here are some of the other advantages:


  • Cost reduction
  • Minimize operations logistics
  • Able to try out different locations with a short term lease
  • Various features like high speed internet, meeting rooms, and common spaces


A co-working environment helps to form relationships between different industry professionals. Having an office space with people with different areas of expertise and background history ensures the flow of best practices and information which can easily be transferred across multiple sources. This exchange of knowledge has the potential to bring together insights and innovation to more than one field.


Co-working spaces can help your business through moments of transition like staffing and renovations. Shared offices spaces can also be used to host meet-ups with visiting partners. In addition, it is a credible solution for short-term employees and contractors who need a temporary place to work at when in the city.


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