How you can expand your business with the help of a live receptionist

Live receptionists come as an add-on to the basic package. They greet your callers with personalized messages, then screen calls and transfer them, depending on your individual schedule.


Virtual assistants perform administrative and secretarial duties for your business. Managing projects, planning travel arrangements, scheduling meetings and offering meeting support are some of the tasks that a skilled virtual assistant can perform.


When it comes to virtual assistants, they are set to perform tasks similar to that of an in-house receptionist. They can handle all your immediate calls even when you’re busy, like when you’re in a meeting or taking a much-needed break. Since virtual assistants don’t require any such breaks during schedule, they are available to your callers on a 24/7 basis. This ensures that your an important aspect of your business is always being handled, while you are taking care of the other important tasks.


This further leads to virtual assistants also playing a key role in keeping your business flexible. As they do not have designated schedule for work, they can be assigned on the fly to urgent shifts. Additionally, the training time for these assistants lessens as they already possess the experience and skill set to accomplish the task at hand.


Virtual assistants are useful when it comes to their understanding of inbound marketing strategy.

Email marketing

It is important to have a mailing list of your customers, so you can regularly send out company updates and information in an engaging manner. This would not only take up your personal time but it also requires the learning and usage of various software. However, with the presence of a virtual assistant, you can assign them the task of scheduling email blasts, placing information into your marketing materials and taking care of other content that you may not have time to do.


Hiring a virtual assistant who has SEO knowledge means you are increasing the chances of making your website more visible to your target audience. This would help generate useful traffic to your business while you remain focused on the administrative and clientele contact side of things.

Social media

In this day and age, it is of high value to create a social media presence. A virtual assistant can prove to be useful in developing a creative business profile on all the platforms. They can also be tasked with scheduling posts and messages frequently, which are not only relevant but also interactive for audience satisfaction. The assistant could also respond to audience’s comments while you divert your attention on replying to any and all leads and sales doubts.