What we do better

Over the years we have encountered a lot of Virtual Office providers, Coworking spaces, Serviced Office solutions, and even small commercial offices. Each one of them has distinct advantages. Commercial Offices a pricey, require long term commitments, but allow for the greatest level of customization. Coworking spaces are often affordable, provide a great working atmosphere but are often not central to businesses. Virtual Offices often do a good job with that virtual presence, but too often fail you when you need that occasional real presence.

When we started, now more than 5 years ago, we focused on two things: Great Locations, Affordable Prices. We chose core locations, such as Bay and Bloor or Yonge and Sheppard and build spaces that allows people to move in immediately and without hassles. We focused on personabiltiy, flexibility, and growth.

We also stayed away from cashing in on the “Boardroom” rental markets. Many of our competitors charge upwards of $100 for poorly designed and equipped boardrooms. We give free access to our boardroom with our basic Office Clouds package. We make sure that small and new businesses can function without accumulating additional costs or surprises.

Our combination of manage technology, core locations, and affordable pricing makes us stand out.

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