Better than a virtual office

Better how?
We saw that question coming. Most of our customers are smart, savy and not afraid to ask questions. So here is what we offer!

  • Boardrooms, Meeting Rooms and Offices in one of 4 key locations, to use as you need them
  • 12 hrs of FREE office/boardroom/meeting room time at any of our locations
  • Your own personal Business Phone Number and Business Phone Line
  • Live Call Answering and Forwarding by professional receptionists
  • All calls will be answered in your name – i.e. “Thank you for calling [your company name]”
  • Mailing Address for all your mail, packages and couriers as well as for your business cards and other marketing material

All for just $149/month
No Contracts, Month-to-Month Terms, No Hidden Fees, Zero Risk!
Read enough?
Call us now at 416-628-5007 or 1-888-707-3444 or email us at

Better Price

At $149, our research shows that this is the best deal. No restrictions, no requirements, no compromise, no contracts. Month to month at only $149. We don’t need you to worry about a ridiculous contract term, just to get the best price. What is a good price without flexibility? What is the idea of flexibility if it’s only flexible one way?

Better Product

We were surprised to see what gets called a “virtual office” these days. Some people tend to think that $100/month to receive and forward someone’s mail is a virtual office – and sadly, some think it’s a good price, so they go for it. Our virtual offices are well balanced and hinge on what we believe is an actual office. We therefore understood that we deliver a different, better product. We provide Office Clouds. Take a conventional virtual office, and add the freedom to come in for face to face meetings with the ability to take phone calls directly.

Better Locations

Your business address will not be a side street in Clairington, with a “B” beside the street number. We’ve acquired prime locations, Yorkville at the corner of Bay & Bloor (1200 Bay), right in the financial centre (330 Bay), Yonge and Sheppard (25 Sheppard) and the Duncan Mills (Don Valley and 401). Image is everything and nothing is worth anything if it can’t get you a return on your investment. Our locations are perfectly located to give your business the edge to rise above and succeed. The benefit of the Cloud? Meet anywhere and at any new location as it comes up.

No Strings.

Most of our clients are month-month. We like it that way. It’s a little more work for us, but we think this is the most important feature when developing something that is truly flexible.

What else?

Come in, talk to us, explore your options, discover your possibilities. We like to dance to your tune… if nothing else, it keeps us on our toes. So read more on our offices, or contact us!

Phone us: 416 628 5007
E-Mail us:

Or just walk in and we can have a chat about your future and how it’s going to be great!