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Virtual Office: Business Address and Mail Service

What can you address say about your business?

Business Address and Mail Service are cost effective tools. They should be employed by businesses of any size.

In a world of Google Maps and Streetview, people can look up your address instantly. Without ever calling you, or talking to you, potential customers can decide against your business. All based on their first impression of your business address.

Obtaining Mail Service and Business Address package will give your business leverage to ensure that your potential customers will choose you.

Our Mail Service and Business Address package starts at $50/month. We will receive any mail addressed to you, hold it for pick up, or forward it on to a final destination. Our Mail Service is discreet and private and respects confidentiality and federal mail laws.

How is this better than a post office mailbox?

A mailbox usually provokes questions of trust and reliability. Most consumers find that a physical address makes the business more trustworthy. Additionally, E-Mail marketing and E-Commerce laws, require a physical address associated with the vendor. This is in order to prevent spam or fraud.

Mailboxes have clear limitations when it comes to size. While we also carry a limitation on the size and weight of packages, we are much more flexible. We are willing to receive, in emergency circumstances, for an additional fee, packages that are over-sized. A prior notification must be provided and the package should be human movable without additional equipment.

If you are interested in our mail service contact us today at: 416 628 5007 or


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