Join in on the networking opportunities and grow your business with a shared space

Use communal areas

Use communal areas in your shared office space to meet new people, build rapport, and strengthen your network relationships. Maintain your network connections with regular informal chats in communal areas.

Attend/host events

Hosting and attending different types of events in your shared space is a guaranteed way to get the networking ball rolling. It provides the perfect opportunity to meet with people from different companies, all the while building your knowledge as well as getting some publicity for your own business.

Useful promotional materials

It would help to invest in promotional materials such as notepads, pens, business cards, etc. This will ensure that neighbouring companies in your shared space are aware of your business, resulting in an effective brand recall value.

Conduct free workshops

You can host a few free workshops to not only talk about your company’s services but also to provide a platform for exchange of ideas. Having workshops from different industry experts is a great way to meet and mingle with other professionals.